About Me

Ellie Thompson

Ellie found the Highlands Ability Battery as she was exploring personal growth and new career possibilities, after taking the HAB and learning more about herself she fell in love with the reports. Her HAB results showed a natural path to becoming a Highland’s Affiliate and helping others find their directions. 

Integrating interests, values, personal style and social & family responsibilities are all part of finding the right path in work and life. Ellie loves helping people make informed decisions about their education and career choices.  Work accounts for such a great portion of your life, feeling fulfilled can have a profound impact allowing  you to experience less stress and a greater sense of happiness.

Ellie has a diverse background from management and sales to teaching and training, with such a diversified background Ellie is a great listener and possibilities generator. Ellie has a Bachelors degree in Art History and lives with her husband and two sons in Manhattan Beach, California