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Don’t Waste Your Talent: Your Personal Vision to Life and Career Fulfillment coaching program

Personal Vision Program

an 8-session process following completion of the Highlands Ability Battery online assessment and feedback consultation (so with the HAB this is at minimum 10 weeks). This intensive program is designed to provide expert coaching that keeps you at the center for making work and life decisions, for you, by you, taking the whole you into account.

Guided by a Ellie Thompson a Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC), you will have a minimum of 8 contact hours to process online, self-paced assignments you complete on your own. During the process you will:

• Reflect on each of the eight factors in Highlands’ Whole Person Model (abilities, skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals, stage of career) to integrate them at this point in time.

Pivotal Spot Consulting will help you:

  • Create a holistic Personal Vision Statement.
  • Make decisions about how to express your Personal Vision in your work and in your life
    —your Career Vision.
  • Map out steps for bridging the outcomes of the process to your new future.

Program Overview
Ellie (HCC) will be your guide throughout the program—your life coach.
You will have at least eight contact hours with your HCC to process the results of online, self- paced assignments. Most of the work you can do on your own, at a time that is convenient for you and fits with your schedule.
Part of your assignments will include reading the Highlands publication, Don’t Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps to Discovering What You do Best. The chapters are assigned according to the exercises and topics that you complete. This book is a rich resource filled with stories of people who have already gone through the program (originally in a 10-12 week, in- person format). Learning about their process provides authentic and relevant connections to the work that you’ll be doing. And regular meetings with your HCC life coach ensures that you will move through the assignments at an agreed-upon pace and finish strong, completing all of the program objectives.

Program Objectives

  • Unearth or raise self-awareness about the whole you so you can be the driver of your decision making.
  • Actively and systematically interact with the 8 factors in the Highlands’ whole-person model of life and career decision making.
  • Build in accountability for progress by working with your trained HCC.
  • Receive the support of an objective partner (your HCC) who is outside of your current
  • Understand and articulate your priorities so that you can convey them to others at work
    and at home.
  • Create a Personal Vision—your key to moving from stress to balance.
  • Apply your Personal Vision to your career by developing a Career Vision.
  • Become comfortable with a reflection process that can be used to make future decisions
    as well as those you are facing now.
    What can I expect to gain from the program?
    At the end of the program, you will have so much more than simply a list of potential career areas that might be a good fit. Alongside the process of developing your Personal Vision, you will also be guided by your life coach in applying your HAB results to real-life situations. You will walk away with concrete, practical advice that can improve every working day for the rest of your life.
    And while many people sign up for the program because they are at a Turning Point in their career lives, they find that they walk away with something that goes far deeper than simply directing their next one or two steps. The process of taking inventory of your life and methodically thinking through each of the eight elements of the Whole Person Model means that you will always have a reference point and guide for whatever the future brings. Learn more about Crisis & Change.

How will my life be different as a result?

You won’t have to fear employment changes that are beyond your control. Instead, you can takecontrol by developing a Personal Vision that will guide you throughout the rest of life’s turning points. People have many reasons for choosing and changing careers, but it’s rare for someone to deliberately take stock of every aspect of their lives in a productive and focused manner. The advantage you gain by doing that, both in peace of mind and future direction, is priceless.

Craft Your Personal Vision

A dream is the framework for your life.
A Personal Vision Statement is an articulated, detailed description of how you want to live your life. Your Personal Vision Statement is how you commit to live your life. It both influences and integrates all eight areas of the Whole Person Model: abilities, interests, personality, values, goals, skills/experience, family of origin, and stage of adult development.

A Powerful Differentiator

Many people question the value of having a Personal Vision Statement, but research has consistently shown that having one changes people—for the better.
People with a Personal Vision are typically inner-directed with a focus on the long term. They often describe themselves as living a balanced life, and are typically more satisfied, more productive, and experience more meaning and enjoyment in their jobs.

In sharp contrast, people without a clear vision tend to get their direction from outside of themselves. They are driven by wealth and status, develop short-term solutions to problems, and are reactive in their decision making. They describe their lives as stressful and usually experience symptoms of burnout, lack of meaning, and an overwhelming feeling that their efforts are wasted.
Which approach sounds more appealing to you? A reactive, stress-filled life, or a balanced, satisfying, meaningful one? Learn more about the Stress Cycle & the Balance Cycle.

How to Create Your Personal Vision Statement

A Personal Vision Statement is a unique expression of what is important to you and serves as a guide for how you want to conduct your life. Creating one requires careful thought and reflection. That’s why we created the Don’t Waste Your Talent coaching program, to help you develop your Personal Vision to life and career fulfillment.

With the expert guidance of your Highlands Certified Consultant, you will complete an array of exercises designed to provoke thoughtful consideration of who you are as a whole person, beyond your education and work experience (although those are included). Throughout the coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to reflect more specifically on how your Personal Vision relates to your career goals, and take practical steps to identify and pursue the career that best aligns with that vision.

What’s the difference between a Personal Vision and a Career Vision?

A Personal Vision relates to your whole life. A Career Vision helps you clarify what type of work best expresses who you are and where you are a fit; it allows you to clearly state and negotiate roles in which you are most productive and effective and that you find most satisfying.
When you participate in the Don’t Waste Your Talent: Your Personal Vision to Life and Career Fulfillment coaching program you will develop BOTH a Personal Vision and a Career Vision.


Soul Aligned Vision Program

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This program includes the HAB assessment, 90 minute debrief and an 8-1:1 sessions.  This intensive program is designed to provide expert coaching that keeps you at the center for making work and life decisions, for you, by you, taking the whole you into account. 

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