The Secret to Navigating Your Life & Career



Katharine Purdy - Co-Founder Eating Engines Corporation

Ellie Thompson has a positive and professional approach as she leads you through the process. Be prepared to be challenged by the testing, but as a counterbalance, Ellie is informative and encouraging as she reviews and explains your results.
To be honest, this is one of the most elucidating, unusual, and, at times, frustrating test I have ever taken. Each section is well explained and provides the opportunity to practice before taking.

HAB provided me with valuable information about my innate strengths and how to leverage them in the workplace and in life. This test augments self knowledge in a positive and powerful format. I would highly recommend it, and Ellie, to anyone wanting to better understand themselves and to improve how they function in school or work and in life.

Jenn Pipe - Mom & Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Self Esteem Through Art

We live in a numbers-obsessed society that has a twisted preoccupation with passing and failing. Imagine how refreshing it would be to take a test where a 20% isn’t thought of as a drastic failure, but as a life-altering piece of information that can help you design a life and a career you love! The combination of the Highlands Assessment and Ellie’s coaching were invaluable for my two high-school daughters. They now have a very clear picture of their learning styles, their areas of expertise, and their personality styles. They learned what drains their energy and what sustains them and brings them joy. They learned about their communication styles and how those styles can be used most effectively. They received study tips and suggestions for how to set goals that were in direct alignment with their unique skill sets. All of this information can be utilized by my daughters for academic, interpersonal, and (eventually) career success. This assessment is the direct path to their greatest good and their highest calling—and the best part is: you only take it once and you have lifetime access to results that will be relevant forever!     

As a parent, it is so refreshing to be able to know how best to guide your children and communicate in a language they not only understand, but respond to. I am so impressed with this assessment that I am going to start requiring that all of my private clients take it before entering into a mentorship relationship with me.

Janet Hilts -

Ellie's assessment process was incredibly accurate. The information that it revealed about me and how I think and interact with the world was all spot on. It showed me things I know about myself inside entirely new frameworks.

Her interpretation of my assessment outcomes was so helpful, describing not only my own tendencies, but tendencies of people who are different from me. From there, she was able to tell me how I can improve my communication, listening and interactions with others -- not only my clients and groups I lead, but people I collaborate with. And this information is invaluable to me for marketing my business, too.

She helped me see why my innate abilities are so satisfying for me to put to use, and why I go nuts when I don't use them. Ellie's work also helped me stop thinking there's something wrong with me because of abilities that don't come naturally to me -- it's just how my specific mind works. It helped me see how teaming up with others who have different natural skill sets can be so productive for me.

Ellie gave me such clarity by giving excellent everyday examples of everything she talked about. I can see that this is going to help me in so many aspects of my life and business. I cannot recommend Ellie's work highly enough. The assessment is a wonderful tool, and she is a master at interpreting it on an individual basis.

Michelle Wright - Mom

My son, who is a junior in high school, found the Highlands test to be very helpful as he is starting to search for colleges, majors and a career. It helped with focus and direction as he's moving into the next exciting chapter of life! He did the test before his junior year counseling meetings, prepping for college, etc., and found it helpful going into those meetings and decisions. It reaffirmed his strengths which helped him decide on his education and career direction. There's no high or low score test results or grades - it's uplifting. The results meeting with Ellie was light-hearted, informative, and eye-opening. It helped us understand some of the habits he has, why he has them, and offered some great advice. Overall, it was a terrific experience and we like having the assessment report as reference.

Katie Restifo -

Ellie is a tremendous person who is supportive and nurturing. Ellie helped and guided me through the Highland Ability Battery Test when I was unsure of my next step in my life/career. The test was an important measuring tool to use as a sounding board for myself but, Ellie was the human factor checking in and reassuring me on what I thought was a unsure place in my life. That human factor was key, and I would recommend Ellie over and over again. Thank you!

Monique Alvarez - Entrepreneur & Mom

Hi Ellie!

I wanted to write you and share a little bit more on how your process affected me. Please collect these, use them, and share them in any way that will benefit you and your business.

Even though I knew I wanted to work with you, I didn’t have any idea how deep your work would go. I also could not have imagined how timely our conversation was.

Losing Nina really shook my confidence to my core. I felt the earth move and I didn’t feel 100% about anything and that’s not a place I normally am. I’m usually very sure and decisive.

I enjoyed our consultation and the real evidence of your work showed up after we hung up.

I had the easiest time packing and deciding what got donated and what made the cut. I enjoyed our trip.

And as soon as we arrived in Sarajevo I got to work. Not because I needed to, but because I wanted to. I knew exactly what I wanted to focus on.
And the best part, I had my confidence back. My feet were firmly planted.

Because I know 100% who I am and what I’m naturally good at.

I can look myself in the mirror and say, run with this Monique, these are your natural abilities. You can do this in your sleep!

When I’m confident and there’s not any question marks hanging around me, I can move mountains. And that’s what I intend to do.

I’m launching a program I’ve had in my heart for a’s time and I’m ready! Thank you so much for the work you do! It’s truly life changing.